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What is Restorative dentistry?

Restorative Dentistry San Mateo focuses on repairing or replacing damaged or missing teeth using techniques such as Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges, or Dental Bonding.

Years of use can lead them to become worn, cracked, or broken, suffer decay, or even become missing altogether. Accidental dental injuries are also not uncommon, whether they happen on the job or during recreational activities. But no matter what state your teeth are in, you deserve to have them restored to their best possible condition. At San Mateo Dental Arts, we offer an extensive range of restorative dental procedures, ensuring that an impeccable smile is within reach for everyone. Our facility is renowned for utilizing cutting-edge restorative dental techniques and high-quality materials, providing you with a smile that is both aesthetically pleasing and enduringly healthy. 

We believe that everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of, and our team at San Mateo Dental Arts is committed to making that a reality for our patients. With personalized care and a friendly approach, we assure you that your journey towards a perfect smile will be a smooth and satisfying experience.

Our expert dentists are ready to guide you through the transformative journey of securing dental implants that will restore your smile for good. When it comes to replacing teeth, there’s no match for the longevity and natural appearance offered by tailor-made dental implants.


At San Mateo Dental Arts, our esteemed practitioner Dr. Sheena Phan is proud to provide dental crown treatments, which serve as a robust defense for teeth that are too compromised for a simple filling. Envision a dental crown as a suit of armor specifically designed to shield and fortify a tooth that has suffered considerable damage or decay.

A dental bridge is an affordable, stable cosmetic solution for replacing lost teeth, which San Mateo Dr. Sheena Phan can determine as a suitable option for you. Suitable candidates are those with one or more missing teeth. The procedure involves anchoring a custom false tooth with crowns on the adjacent teeth or using dental implants as a foundation if necessary.

Should you find yourself with chipped, cracked, discolored, or damaged teeth, consider speaking to Dr. Sheena Phan about dental bonding offered by San Mateo Dental Arts. This cosmetic technique delicately applies a material that matches the color of your teeth, bonding it to the affected areas, thus enhancing your smile’s appearance. The procedure is particularly effective at rectifying the unsightly effects of stains caused by the likes of tea, coffee, tobacco, or past medications, as well as mending small cavities and minor dental imperfections.

San Mateo Dentist Dr. Sheena Phan
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BrendaSan Mateo
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Sheena is a skilled, efficient dentist with state of the art equipment and employs friendly front office staff and gentle-on-the-mouth hygenists. I drive 40 minutes from Saratoga to see them and it is well worth the commute.
KimatoonskiSan Mateo
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Dr. Sheena Phan and her team are great. I had some cleaning and new fillings put in and this procedure was very smooth and in a timely manner. Her and her team help you feel comfortable and at ease. Very clean office and the staff are so professional and very nice people. Great customer service. I’m in great hands.
MollySan Mateo
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Needed an appointment for a cracked filling and Dr. Phan was very accommodating to open her office to see me during the shelter in place. She and her staff have always been very helpful and do a great job not just for emergencies but with regular dental check ups. Thank you!